Hand-Lettering : Vacation

It was a wonderful vacation to Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I spent 4 days there and of course I bring my sketch book and microns along. Hand-lettering hasn't been my daily routine yet, but I try to make one if I got an idea, maybe famous quote or just a phrases comes up in my mind.

I made some lettering there, inspired by the surroundings which is very beautiful. It was a nice time. Since I lived in Jakarta, Bandung is the best place to retreat from daily routine, where you can see mountains and crop field, such a beautiful landscape. These are the letters I made.

I lose nothing but sadness
Go for A Walk
I lose nothing but sadness - detail
I lose nothing but sadness - detail
Go for A Walk - detail

On my way home, I stopped on a cafe to take a break with my family. There's a sign hanging, and it really catches my sight. It was a great sign, so I decided to took a photo of it. This is a good example of a good typography.
Morning Glory Cafe

Sorry for 'not good enough' quality of my images. I'll try to make it better next time. Thanks for scrolling down here, please leave me any comment if you mind. Cheers!

Laurensius Adi

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