Step Further on 99designs : Platinum Designer

So, short story I was promoted to be a Platinum Designer and just won a Platinum contest. Thanks 99designs!

Here is my bio :


Just in case you don't know 99designs. What is 99designs? 

And 99designs answer it like this : Simple: just focus on producing great designs!
Well, that's a bit confusing, and sometimes great designs is a matter of perspective, it can be great, good, or not good enough. But according to my opinion, that's what going on to me.

I've been joining 99designs for 1 year and 9 months till now, and it's been a while since I won my last contest, 7 months. What I've been doing on that 7 months?
I learn and learn all day till I think I'm good enough.

I feel shame if I won a contest without a great design. I'm not blaming anyone here, no offense. But I found some "not quite good enough" winning a contest. It should have been better than that. Designers supposed to solve problems and make the world better by giving creative touches onto it.

Back to my 7 months. Other than learning design, I was preparing to begin studying on college. I need some times to adapt with new environment, new city, new routines, new friends, and many other new things. After I feel enjoy with my new life, I continue to joining contests. Not a stressful process, but try to win a contest is not easy though. I've tried several times and haven't won any.

In the middle of "trying" contests, 2 weeks ago, woke up in the morning, checking my email, and I got and email from 99designs "Great News - You're a Platinum Designer". I'm surprised cause I haven't won any contest lately. I was wondering why. Maybe the Community Manager have seen my last winning and some on my portfolios. I think, it was based on opinion.

Despite my confusion, I try a Platinum Contest right away. I followed the brief, sketch some ideas, working with some fonts, and submit my design. With some improvements, corrections, options, and the Contest Holder satisfied with my job, so I won the contest. 

The contest prize is big enough for me, not to boast, $600, I think I can buy new laptop cause this one pretty old, or maybe save up and buy other things later.

Lessons I got these days : learn and never quit, be better and better, don't give up.

I learn all things just from internet, it provides my everything, and I can call myself a self-taught designer. Not a real one though (real project, not a crowdsource contest). This is just a one way to get extra cash. Everybody can try what I've done. I hope all of you inspired to do so. Thanks.

Laurensius Adi

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