Tutorial : Simple Gold Texture

I'll show you how to make Simple Gold Texture. Easy to follow step by step with pictures. Time required : 15 minutes. Difficulty : Easy. Program used in tutorial : Adobe Photoshop CS6.

What you'll be making in the tutorial :

Here's the piece I made recently on Instagram.

A photo posted by Laurensius Adi (@laurensiusadi_) on

Step 1 : Prepare Your Lettering

Make sure you make the lettering on different layer, name it 'Text' and the other one 'Background'

Step 2 : Add Gradient

Fill layer 'Background' with dark color, navy, maroon, grey or black. I'm using #1c1918.

Open Layer Style by double-click layer 'Text' or right-click then Blending Options. Then choose Gradient Overlay. Set Angle to 145.

Click the Gradient color bar (default black and white) to open Gradient Editor dialog.

Click the bottom color stop, and then click Color at the very bottom of the dialog to change the color. First color : #e0b06d Second color : #865e31. Then click OK. If gradient is reversed, check Reverse. Then click OK to close Layer Style dialog.

Step 3 : Add Noise

First, you have to rasterize layer by right-click on layer 'Text' - Rasterize Layer Style. Then the Effects will disappear and blend with the layer and layer 'Text' is still active.

Go to menu Filter - Noise - Add Noise.
Set Amount: 15%, Distribution : Uniform, and check Monochromatic.

Hit OK and you're done! Simple isn't it?

You can add further effect like Bevel & Emboss (Style: Outer bevel, Technique: Chisel Soft) and add some textures on background like this.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.
If you have followed my tutorial, I really want to see the result, so post it on your Instagram and mention me @laurensiusadi_ with #texturetutorial.

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Laurensius Adi

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